The women must-have clothing

Are you tempted by the desire to dress differently, but you don't know how to proceed? This is good, because what follows will help you to assert your personality through your look. All it takes is a little touch of creativity to make a difference.

The vintage look, very trendy now

Stop preconceived ideas, the vintage look does not "memorize"! It is a clothing style like any other that has its assets in terms of charm and originality. If you want to dress up as a pin-up, pull out your high waist jeans and wear them with a large polka dot shirt, tied at the waist. Then, for your feet, either you put on boots or you lean for thick-soled sneakers, trendy shoes of yesteryear that have been updated to be even more original. Do you have short hair? Wear a nice ribbon hat to embellish your look and place it at a slight angle to reinforce the retro style. If, on the other hand, your hair is long or square, use a women's stole as a headband, both to maintain your hair and to create a vintage look par excellence. Also, don't forget the Nana Mouskouri-style eyeglasses to stay in your style while following the trend. And if you want to keep this style for special occasions, find a beautiful silk scarf for women in a women's ready-to-wear store, which you can match with a spindle skirt, enhanced by a small H jacket.

Sportswear: for the stylish sportswoman

You don't have to go to the gym to wear a sweatshirt. Indeed, it can be combined with a pleated skirt and high sneakers to give you a great look. Otherwise, long-sleeved cotton dresses are also part of the package, especially when you wear them with a trendy tennis pair. A cap or visor at the head, hair in a ponytail, and you will become one with beauty and charm. In terms of accessories, replace the classic pouch with a leather banana bag. Don't forget either the sunglasses that will make you even more sumptuous. Instead of the bracelet, wear a masculine style watch, with a large dial, LED display, and braided leather straps. And for a distinguished look, dare to combine this assortment with a silk muslin that will serve as a scarf or hair band.

Dressing like a romantic, another way to assert yourself

According to clothing specialists, the romantic style is currently the most feminine look there is, with its touch of elegance and glamour. It stands out above all for the lightness of its materials, the finesse of its patterns and the brilliance of its colours. If you want to look pretty while remaining graceful, there is nothing better than a mid-length skirt, flared or "pencil" style, which you will decorate with a short-sleeved shirt, slightly neckline. In the same spirit of lightness, you can also opt for trousers that are not too skinny or too wide, to match with a stylish top, with ultra-fine laces or ribbons, of a different colour from the piece itself. Choose embroidery for even more style and use pastel tones to enhance your look. In terms of shoes, ballerinas are unconditional in this style, whether flat or with a small heel. Otherwise, heel pumps are also very suitable, especially if you wear a flared floral dress with straps, with a three-quarter sleeve jacket. As for accessories, leave aside large jewellery and prefer those that are elegant, but discreet. And to top it all off, why not wear a silk stole or a muslin stole? The soft and silky side of these materials will only reinforce the femininity and romanticism you would like to convey.

Adopt the look of a rocker to be styled differently

Stop believing that rock style necessarily rhymes with rebellion and protest. It is quite possible for you to assert your femininity, assert your personality, and have an original look by dressing like a rocker. To do this, you can wear leather leggings, with a large checkered shirt and roll up your sleeves. Accompanied by a black or navy blue perfecto, and a pair of square heel boots, this style will give you the look of a real star. You can also wear destroying slim jeans, but choose the model carefully so as not to fall into vulgarity. And if you prefer skirts, opt for a tight and short version (but not too short), and combine it with a black mesh top, then decorate the whole with coloured waders to make the difference (burgundy, dark green, or beige). As accessories, don't forget the pair of black glasses and studded leather strap that are compatible with any rock outfit. For jewellery, choose silver models with stylish designs (crosses, rose thorns, etc.), but don't carry too many with you at the risk of overloading yourself. You can also wear a small shoulder bag, preferably made of denim, to enhance the outfit. Otherwise, take a square of silk and roll it up to make a long roll of medium width. You can then tie it around your handle or neck for more originality. If you don't have a silk square, you can use a classic women's chale instead.

Have a minimalist look or be in vogue with ease

It's not just the sophisticated looks that are on the rise. Indeed, the minimalist style of clothing also has its place in the latest trends. The principle here is to wear as few parts as possible, and to choose the most simplistic ones. In summer, for example, you can settle for a small dress or a combi, with ballerinas or flat sandals. With a small bag in hand, a few hair clips, you are ready to face the day. At work, forget about jeans and sneakers, and opt for a more sophisticated look. Want to impress your office colleagues? For clothes, the pencil skirt, tuxedo pants, tailor pants and shirt are key pieces of the working girl. Wear them with a nice pair of pumps or moccasins. Don't forget the accessories to complete your look: bag, jewellery, etc. When it gets cold, wear a coat for comfort, add a silk scarf or women's silk scarf for style, and choose a nice pair of boots to protect your feet. The trick is to play with colours to make a difference (prefer bright and warm tones), and to vary the accessories to stay sublime even if they are simple (ring, watch, phalanx ring, etc.).

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