How to choose the right pair of shoes for a modern look?

There are different models of shoes that allow you to combine comfort and elegance. Some models can be worn with many looks and fit almost any body shape. If you want shoes to wear in both winter and summer, you can turn to leather rain boots, fabric tennis and elegant derbies.

Boots for a modern look

If you are looking for a modern look but also prefer comfortable women's shoes, rain boots are the model to choose. Often made of leather and equipped with an ankle-length tongue, these shoes are one of the best compromises between elegance and comfort and can be worn all year round. If you like to wear a casual look, you can combine the boots with a simple pair of jeans and a white shirt with a leather or denim jacket. You can also replace the shirt with a simple t-shirt because it is the boots that will bring all the elegance to the outfit. For a more elegant look, you can combine them with a short dress, combined with tights in winter. In summer, a flowered dress and a denim jacket will go very well with boots. Women's shoes from TBS or any other specialized brand are a good choice for finding comfortable and affordable models. Click here to get an idea of the models you can wear.

A casual look with tennis shoes

Tennis is the perfect choice if you are looking for comfort first and foremost in your outfit but still want to keep a touch of elegance. Among all the women's shoes available, tennis shoes are the most suitable for most everyday wear. As with the boots, you can wear tennis shoes with a casual style: jeans and t-shirt. To lengthen your figure, do not hesitate to roll up the hem of your jeans to give the illusion of longer legs. Tennis can also be worn with more elegant pants such as carrot pants or Chinese pants as long as you don't choose an overdressed top. In summer, you can wear tennis shoes with a small light dress and a denim jacket. If you also want to wear them in winter, choose a dark model: tennis shoes are often made of fabric and winter is a dirtier season. For a more wintery look, you can combine a velvet dress with black tights and black tennis shoes.

Derbies to be at the forefront of fashion

In recent years, derbies have made a comeback on the podiums and in the streets. These shoes, which look a lot like men's moccasins, are the height of elegance and can be worn with almost any style. If you want to wear derbies, you can choose TBS shoes for women and play the male card to bring an elegant contrast. Feel free to wear your shoes with a tuxedo: cigarette pants, white shirt, tuxedo jacket and thin tie. However, avoid the total black look, which may be a little dull unless you add a few touches of colour. If you are looking for a more casual look, you can wear these shoes with jeans, but as a general rule, prefer comfortable carrot pants with a simple and elegant blazer. Combining these shoes with a dress is also a very good idea, summer and winter alike, provided you choose the one that suits your body type. If you are small, choose a rather short dress. The older ones can afford lengths below the knee. Derbies can't stand the streetwear look, so don't risk it unless you want to stand out in the middle of passers-by.

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