Fashion coaching: how to boost your look and style?

By adding pep to your look to improve your appearance, it is indeed possible to highlight your femininity or virility. However, finding the right clothing style is not always easy, as dressing is quite an art. Same if you already have your own style, but you want to improve it according to the trends that follow.

Focus on the colours that will enhance you

Certainly, dark colours as well as other basic colours such as white, beige... are essential to add a good dose of elegance to our look. However, these colours are not enough to boost its look. In addition to that, when you go out, you will quickly notice that everyone wears black, white and other standard colours. In order to boost our appearance, it is rather effective to opt for more colourful pieces. By focusing on pastel colours such as pink, sky blue, sand, taupe... for example, not only can you add a little punch to your look, but at the same time, these colours convey a certain softness that will sublimate you. Besides, it's effective in breaking the monotony a little. To go further, you can also combine pastel with other basic colours such as brown or grey, or with other darker colours for even more originality.

Create your own style, why not?

To be elegant, you don't have to look like someone else! It is not by copying this or that person that you will boost your look and style. On the contrary, you have to know how to create your own style to highlight your originality. Even with only one element, you can distinguish your style from the others. It can be a particular accessory or a specific colour, it's up to you. This way, you can use this element, whatever your style of clothing.

Other details to strengthen your look and style

Knowing how to combine colours while creating your own style is already essential to boost your style. But by taking care of the details, it's even better! To get a great look, you can rely on shock details: belts, pouches, prints, bracelets, necklaces, bags, rings, glasses, and many more. If possible, never neglect your hair, makeup and nails! Never forget that these details are more than essential to elegance.

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