Opt for a tailor-made suit to stand out during a ceremony

Opt for a tailor-made suit to stand out during a ceremony

To stand out at a ceremony, you will need to choose a tailor-made suit. It will not only enhance your body and posture, but it will never make you go unnoticed by other guests. Currently, you have the choice between several ranges of men's suits that are available in the various departments of many textile stores and even through online shops. Choosing a tailor-made suit in Brussels also allows you to give it your own personal touch. As a result, you will have a suit that is perfectly adapted to the size of your jacket and pants. You can also find a wide selection of shirts to choose the one that suits you best.

Choose a tailor-made shirt for men

Made from twill, oxford, pinpoint, flannel or poplin fabric, the custom shirt can also be available in different colours. Whether it is equipped with a broken collar, American buttoned collar, French, breastplate, cutaway, Italian or musketeer, many references can suit your style and perfectly meet your expectations. Woven with a single or double thread, the shirt may or may not have pockets and a single or American throat buttonhole. In addition, many patterns can be appropriate for a ceremony, such as striped patterns, printed, floral or even checkered, vichys and solid-coloured patterns. As for the sleeves, they can be short or long, depending on everyone's style and look. The cut can also be adjusted or comfortable, with a soft and wide finish according to your preference. Wearing a custom-made shirt will then give you a classy and dressed style, while being in tune with the times, glamorous and refined. To make your choice, visit the masterhouse.be/.

Choose a tailor-made suit for men

For a makeover or simply to stand out during a ceremony, the men's suit is the first outfit that will be recommended. It is an outfit that allows you to have a chic look, but also a refined and elegant style. Generally white, grey, navy blue, black, brown or beige, a Brussels tailor must be chosen carefully and above all according to several criteria, namely your musculature, your style and above all your originality. So, if you want to enhance your outfit and your natural elegance, it is recommended to choose a suit with a neat finish. A tailor-made suit is above all a suit that is adapted to your morphology. As a result, you can choose the cut that suits you best from the models available on the market. For this, you have the choice between a straight cut suit, a classic and timeless suit or even a slim man's suit. Also, know that there is a simple but effective way to let you know that your tailor suits you perfectly. To do this, you must consider and check the fit of the jacket of the suit in question in relation to your shoulders and the size of the clothes. Also, it should not be too large or too small in relation to your stature. In addition, the pants of the suit should not fall more than one fold on your shoe.

The vest under jacket, the third element of a tailor-made suit

The ceremonial costume can generally consist of three parts, including the jacket, pants and vest. A range of tailor-made three-piece costumes in Brussels is thus available on the counters of all current ceremonial clothing stores. If you pay attention to detail, the suit vest will bring a touch of refinement and elegance to your clothing. As its role is to better structure your silhouette, it can allow you to show yourself more casually and can be customized according to your preference. Perfectly matched to a custom-made suit, the suit vest is made of the same fabric as the suit and is therefore of the same colour as the suit. The basic colour is thus navy blue, grey, black and brown, but there are other colours that are accessible to you. It should be noted that this vest is generally plain in colour. In addition, the material of the vest under jacket may be different from the suit. In this case, you can have a wool, elastane or polyester vest. This allows you to choose the material that suits you best. A suit vest is also created with the same tailor-made and even trendy style. Available in different colours, its cut can be adjusted, classic, slim or hyper slim. Lined or not, the vest under jacket is often a plain colour with a V-neck. Its closure is located on the front with buttons and it may or may not have pockets.

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