Clothing coaching: instructions for use

Coaching does not only take place in sports circles or in the corporate world. Yes, in the field of fashion and aesthetics, a coach can also have an important part of effectiveness. The clothing coach is mainly intended for an individual who wants to overcome his clothing blockage.

Clothing coaching: what exactly is it?

Clothing coaching consists mainly in accompanying a person so that they can confidently find the clothing style that will enhance their silhouette. But before proposing constructive solutions, the image consultant will first analyze your lifestyle, your objective, your silhouette, the morphology of your face, your complexion, the color of your eyes, etc. Then, based on this small diagnosis, he will quickly be able to identify your blockages as well as your assets. Then, the clothing coach will carry out a colorimetric study, including the famous draping technique, allowing him to find the colors that will enhance you. If necessary, he can also sort your wardrobe, or why not accompany you during your shopping.

Clothing coaching: for what reasons?

The most common reason is undoubtedly the need to succeed in professional life (finding a new job, changing jobs, promotion or simply the desire to shine in the professional world...). So, if you feel concerned, you can now use fashion coaching, not only to improve your image, but also to make you more confident. Then, if you also want to change your life, for example after a love disappointment, it is also necessary to radically change your look. The coach will make sure that you can find the right style for your new start.  In addition, there are also other reasons that drive a person to do with an image consultant, in this case the desire to regain his femininity, to seduce a person, to have a look that tastes like the day, to no longer feel bad in the skin, to feel beautiful or elegant, and many others.

Clothing coaching: to achieve what?

After a few clothing coaching sessions, you will be more confident and above all more autonomous in managing your image or wardrobe. Don't forget that the clothing coach will teach you how to properly enhance your personal and professional image, based on your assets that you can use daily. By taking note of all the coach's advice in pictures, you will no longer be blocked in your choice of clothes. It is even possible to benefit from an almost infinite combination (clothes, colours, accessories, etc.).

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