Beauty training: master eyelash extension techniques

The beauty industry is growing and the focus put on it in the recent past has prompted practitioners to invent diverse ways of training. One can choose an eyelash extension training online or go to a beauty college. Either of the two has its advantages but at the end of the course, the student will be equipped with the necessary skills to handle any facial beauty job.

The Training Topics

The eyelash extension training is divided into two major parts; the theory and the practical. In the theory section, the student is furnished with a brief history of trichology. It gives insight on hair growth, its components, and the hair growth cycle. The student is also taught about eyelashes; the different types, density, colour and raw materials. Others in this line include the type of glues, hygiene and health standards, and assessment criteria. There is an oral and written exam which they have to pass before being allowed to move to the practical section. The practical section explains how one should carry herself. It delves more into the right posture and positioning of the hands on the job. It also shows how to patch the eyelashes, alignment, removal and correcting if wrongly applied. The training also tests the handling of equipment such as the remover and the tweezers. The students undergo analysis training in differentiating which type of skin matches with a specific eyelash. Thereafter, there is industrial training to perfect the knowledge before being certified to practice.

Product Range

The type of product used is determined by the skin tone, preference, allergic reactions and aesthetic value. There are different types of eyelash extension and their preferred application. The Mink Eyelash Extensions are black, made from actual human hair and fits well with bright eyes. The sable eyelash extensions are for people who have thin natural eyebrows, brown skin and bright eyes. Some prefer the synthetic eyelash extensions because of the thickness, concentration and their dark appearance. Other eyelash extensions products include the adhesive glue, curls, mascara brushes, and surgical tapes among others. Each product has significant use. There is also an explanation on allergic reactions caused by the glue and even the eyelash extensions. The latex in the glues might be sensitive to the skin, while the material used to create the extensions might cause itchiness.

How to Apply the Eyelashes Extension

This is the basis of Beauty Training mastering Eyelash Extension Techniques. It has a detailed account of what is supposed to be done. There are three steps; understanding the natural eyelashes, selection of the type of extension and application. The evaluation of the natural eyelashes focuses on the length (short, thin, long or thick) and previous usage. Short and thin eyelashes need smaller extensions and vice versa. Those who have never used eyelash extensions are advised to start with the smaller ones and grow the length as their eyes get used to it. The choice of the extension depends on the preference, skin colour, allergic reactions and value add to the beauty. A good eyelash extension specialist will know how to put on the eyelash extension.

Complimentary Services

Majority of the training centres give an extra tutorial on facial beauty, facial aftercare, eyebrow beauty and maintenance. Others include eye and lips maintenance. These add-ons complete the wholesome beauty therapy and produce an all-round facial specialist.

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