How to choose the right shirt for men?

Clothing is there to enhance your figure. The men's shirt is an essential accessory for everyday life, whether it is to go to work, go out with friends or go to a party. To help you choose the right shirt for men, we offer you some tips in this article.

How to choose the size of your men's shirt?

For a shirt to be comfortable and enhance your body, it must be properly adjusted to your stature. To do this, the seam of the shirt at shoulder level must fall on the acromion (the small bump that connects your collarbone to your shoulder blade). This is a technical detail that guarantees that your shirt is at your size. At the collar, you must be able to button your shirt without choking. Comfort in the chest is also essential, your shirt should not float or tighten, especially in the armpits. Finally, the sleeves must be correctly adjusted to the length of your arms by falling on your wrists, go to this site for more information. There are different shirt cuts. Over the seasons, fashion evolves, but the cuts remain the same. The choice will therefore be made on the cut that best suits your morphology. The classic cut is a wider shirt down. It is suitable for men who have a few bulges to hide. The straight cut with its parallel straight sides is ideal for muscular morphologies. It can be worn either with jeans or with a suit, worn in the pants. The slim fit is suitable for a rather slim and athletic body, to avoid if you have a little stomach. This shirt gives a very trendy and cool look. So, take your morphology into account when choosing the shirt that suits you best.

Which shirt material to choose?

Size and fit are not the only criteria for choosing the right shirts for men. Indeed, it is also necessary to take into account the material. The silk shirt is very comfortable to wear. Ventilated, it can be worn in summer as well as in winter. However, beware of traces of perspiration that stand out very clearly on a silk shirt. The linen ones are soft and light, which makes them ideal in summer. However, avoid wearing linen shirts at a wedding or important business meeting, as they wrinkle very quickly. The cotton shirt is the safest option. It does not retain perspiration stains and is very easy to wash. The poplin shirt offers the best quality. This shirt is woven in a special way, which makes all the difference even if it is also made of cotton. If you have a fair complexion, you can afford almost anything.

The choice of patterns and colour

The motive is more a matter of taste than choice, actually. In general, to avoid slip-ups, you should avoid curtains or grandmother's tablecloths. The safest way is to opt for classic designs such as the oxford shirt. The tone on tone is also very chic, it brings brightness and contrast to the complexion. To get to work, men's shirts with fine stripes are very elegant and allow you to slim down your waist. However, avoid vertically striped shirts that do not fit everyone. The checkered shirt is still the most timeless and trendy today. As with the patterns, colour is also a matter of taste. However, there are some colours that look better on some than others. Pastel colours are the most popular today. Light and dynamic, pastel blue and green go with everything from jeans to a suit with tie. Black and navy blue are timeless colours. The white man's shirt is the most versatile of all. It is elegant, simple and chic. It is suitable for all styles and complexions. This is the most worn shirt in the world.

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