In which season can we wear oriental slippers in France?

Summer, a time of boldness and freedom. On the fashion side, the clocks have been adjusted. To bring out the best in your skirt or pants, we're all on the lookout for the latest trends. The press announces a dazzling return of slippers. But also how should they be worn?

The sun's slippers

The slippers, because they come from the Maghreb, are put on during the hot periods of the year. Thus, in spring or summer, we notice many stars who wear this shoe model at their feet. It gives an atypical style, but chic to what you wear. In other words, the male babouche (or for women as well) can be summed up with two words: elegance and authenticity. In France, they have abandoned their peak. They have opted for a refined tone, with noble materials and scattered with interesting details such as a strap on the vamp. This accessory owes its salvation to bold fashion designers like Jimmy Choo or Tabitha Simmons.

Men's fashion

The babouche is the trendy fashion instrument in summer and spring. Comfortable, men's slippers can invade the dressing room. Indeed, with them, a very elegant combination can be achieved, for example, of dressing gown and sleeveless outfit. It will give you a totally contemporary dandy style! Men's slippers are a delicate theme to write about. These are "shoes" that are just as difficult to describe. Like so many objects, the male population appreciates or hates it. Anyway, the French dandy loves slippers! They can be combined with any type of pants, with any type of look. So, choose your style on this website

A fever that is spreading

The slippers have adapted to modernity to give a look, and an offbeat, elegant and relevant way of life. They have been advertised for many years as the shoes to have during the hot season. You can wear it both in the city and on the fine sand. You bring a touch of glamour and audacity to your clothing style. You now understand that slippers for women or men are worn in summer, but also in winter (although very rarely) to put you at ease when travelling. No matter what material you use, this summer your adventure would become memorable with your pairs of slippers.

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