How to choose your coat according to your morphology?

During the cool seasons, it is difficult to choose a coat from a multitude of options. But did you know that a coat is not chosen at random? Here's how to choose a coat according to its morphology. Different types of coats Below is a non-exhaustive list of women's coats. The Shelter - This is a timeless coat originally designed to keep British sailors warm. It has a straight cut, a large tailor collar that covers part of the face when raised and double and crossed buttoning. The duffle-coat - Still in the sailor's clothing category, the duffle-coat remains a timeless item. It is a coat made from thick wool, with a hood and large front pockets. It can be recognized by its horn-shaped buttons. The trench coat - or trench coat, is a coat initially worn by the English military to protect against rainy weather. It is a waterproof coat whose length extends to the calves. The parka - This coat is a windproof jacket designed to withstand the elements. It is often khaki with a hood surrounded by furs. Bathrobe coats - As its name suggests, this is a type of coat that has the cut of a bathrobe with a belt at the waist. You can see this site to learn more.

Which coat for which morphology?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let's first talk about the ideal coat length for your size. If you are old enough, you have a good chance because you can carry everything. Along, short or three-quarters, everything will look great on you. However, if you are rather small, you should avoid wearing long coats that go up to your ankle. This may cause your figure to shrink and shrink further. Choose three-quarter coats that stop at mid-thigh and shorter jackets. Let's now talk about morphology. Since staying stylish when it is cool is essential, a randomly chosen coat may contravene the rule. For those with a figure of 8 (or hourglass), i.e. shoulders and hips at the same width and marked waist, the objective is to highlight this marked waist. Choose a coat with a slim waist cut like coats with a belt. As for length, jackets that stop just below the hips and three-quarter coats are to be favoured. If your shoulders are smaller than your hips, you have an A-shaped (or pyramid-shaped) morphology. The objective is to turn away from your wide hips and bring interest to your shoulders by adding volume. To do this, wear a coat with shoulder pads and avoid wearing a flared or bucket coat so as not to add volume to your hips. On the contrary, if your hips are smaller than your shoulders, you have a V-shaped morphology (or inverted pyramid). It will be necessary to choose a coat that will soften the shoulder line and make it narrower. Coats with shoulder pads are strictly prohibited. It is better to wear flared jackets at the waist to create curves at the hip level. For H-shaped (or rectangular) morphology, shoulders, waist and hips are about the same width, a straight cut coat will be ideal. However, if you prefer to break this straight line, mark your waist with a belt coat.

Which material to choose?

Wool is the most commonly used material for making coats because it is versatile. The finer the wool fibres, the better the quality of the coat. To maintain it, dry cleaning is to be preferred. Most car-coats are made of cashmere. It is a luxury fibre finer and softer than wool. And since it is also not waterproof, it requires careful maintenance and dry cleaning. Waterproof materials are leather coats, trench coats and parkas. Good plan: a quality coat at an affordable price To avoid spending a fortune, you can buy smart to stay stylish and save at the same time. Buying second-hand clothes is the best way to buy a quality coat for small budgets that will not be able to buy a new coat, even during sales periods. Moreover, buying a second-hand coat is both an economic and ecological gesture since it gives a second life to the garment. In addition, choosing a second-hand clothing does not support fast fashion. You can find different styles of quality coats in shops specializing in the sale of second-hand clothing, as well as in second-hand clothing stores and sales depots. And all at reduced prices. For a timeless coat, that is, always in fashion, choose colours such as navy blue, black, grey, camel and khaki. This will help you save even more money since you won't have to renew your wardrobe every winter.

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