Clothing makeover: advice for your clothes

Yes, it is indeed possible to highlight your personality and your personal assets thanks to your clothing style. Every day, there is nothing like being comfortable in your skin, since social life must obey behavioural and clothing codes. So, if you can't find the right style for your figure, advice for your clothes is essential.

Indulge yourself by using a clothing makeover

In order to find a clothing style that can enhance you, there is no better option than to be accompanied by a clothing makeover coach. In general, the clothing makeover takes place during the day, not like the complete or extreme makeover. As a result, throughout the day, your coach will present you with different visuals that can match your silhouette. But first of all, this coach will diagnose you in order to better understand your preferences, your style, your habits, your lifestyle, your expectations in terms of makeover, your situation, your morphology, your face, your hairstyle, and other details that may reflect your true personality. At the same time, the coach will also identify your blockages.

Choose colours that will enhance your clothing style

Whether it is for a woman's makeover or a man's makeover, it is more than essential to find the colors that suit you and that enhance your value. Even if blue is your favourite colour, it may not be able to enhance you. In this case, the advice of a makeover coach will be essential. From then on, the coach will pass fabrics around your neck to see if this or that color can match your complexion, or the color of your eyes/hair and without forgetting your morphology. At the same time, he will give you more advice on how to combine colours to enhance your look.

Benefit from clothing tips to spice up your look

Apart from colour advice, the clothing makeover coach will also take time to help you do your shopping. After a few diagnoses, this professional will help you find different clothing styles that fit you perfectly. Then, it's up to you to find the one that suits you best and the one that doesn't enhance your silhouette. Depending on your choice, the clothing coach can also recommend accessories such as the icing on the cake of your look

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