Fashion coach, makeover coaching – find your own style of dress

Being comfortable in your skin can also mean knowing how to dress! Certainly, many people disagree with their looks and think that nothing suits them. But thanks to relooking coaching, it is possible to find the right clothing style for everyone by listening seriously to the advice of the fashion coach.

Choosing the right Coach mode: the criteria of a good Coach

Before investing in makeover coaching, it is important to choose the fashion coach carefully to avoid disappointment once the coaching is over. Some criteria deserve to be taken into account in this choice. First of all, a good coach is one who has a strong sense of listening and communication and who can establish a relationship of trust and exchange with his client from the first contact. The coach must also have a sense of observation in order to be able to identify the coachee at first sight and advise him/her as well as possible. Secondly, a good coach is one who offers a fixed price defined in advance, this helps to avoid opportunists who only want to take the pressure off you with the purchases you would make. Be careful, thieves are everywhere!

The roles of the fashion coach

The main role of the fashion coach is to help a person find his or her style of clothing. To do this, he accompanies the coachee in the search for his own style and helps him to choose the clothes that correspond to his physique and personality. He is not there to impose his taste on the coachee, he listens to the client, observes him and helps him to discover himself. And since the coach's role is limited by the number of coaching sessions, and since he will not always be present for his coachee, his intervention must create positive long-term impacts on his life, otherwise the coaching will not have been successful. It should be noted that the role of the fashion coach does not stop after the makeover, he must continue to answer the questions and concerns of their client after the coaching, so he also plays a follow-up role.

Makeover coaching to find your own style of clothing: methodology

In terms of relooking coaching, the coach follows a precise methodology in order to better identify and advise his client. Coaching requires availability and patience, so it is not very professional for the coach to devote only a few short hours of the day to the client and also to group several people together in the same coaching session, he must individually take care of one coachee at a time. It is also necessary that the fashion coach in terms of relooking coaching explains to the client each choice of clothing he offers with the right words. Before starting the coaching session, some coaches conduct assessments and diagnoses on their client's person to define the scope of the work they must do to facilitate the client's support.

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